Standard return (48 hours) = $.40/page

Rush return (25-47 hours) = $.60/page 

Daily/Expedite (less than 24 hours) = $.80/page

  • Rates are based on a standard 25-line page. For 28-line pages, please add $.05 per page. Weekends and holidays are included in turnaround times.


First-time clients will receive their first 15 pages (standard return) free of charge.


Invoices are sent out on the 1st and 15th of every month. Payment is due within 15 calendar days of the invoice date. Late payments will incur a 10% fee each month until payment is received. I will be unable to accept new jobs if a payment is 15 days past due.


Credit card payments can be made directly from your invoice. I also accept checks and PayPal. 


  • Please contact me prior to sending your transcript to ensure I have room in my schedule to accommodate your request.

  • I will acknowledge receipt of your job via e-mail and will confirm the deadline and billing rate.

  • Transcripts should only be submitted to me after they are carefully scoped. If they are rough or messy, i.e., not turn-in ready, an increased amount per page will be charged. I will contact you before proceeding with the job to discuss this.

  • All transcripts should be submitted in PDF format. If you need to convert a file to PDF, instructions can be found here.

  • The transcript will be e-mailed back to you with only the annotated pages attached. You should see corrections in both yellow highlighter and red ink.

  • For transcripts that exceed 200 pages, please send the work to me in sections (about 50 pages at a time) so that I can be working on one part while you are working on another. This will help us complete the job faster.